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Fanboys KyuHyukHae during CNBLUE stage.

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KyuHae AU - Love Again

Fate was a cruel thing. And the Kyuhyun who had once left him, lively and full of the bravado of youth, was gone. That younger version, the one who had taken his heart away, was very different from the man Donghae now saw move in to the flat across from his.

This Kyuhyun had haunted eyes and heavy steps, as if the weight of the world rested on his shoulders. And there was a child. A son, as it turned out. In vain Donghae had peeped and eavesdropped to meet the mother. The truth he learned only later from the weird old lady who lived below him. Kyuhyun was a widower. It was one more proof of life’s unexpected turns.

The little boy’s name was Changsun. He had his father’s eyes and charm. Donghae had tried to make him laugh once, as a way to escape the tension of the three of them riding the lift up to their floor, and had seen his efforts wasted.

'Sorry…' Kyuhyun had said. 'He doesn't smile so much these days.'

Neither do you, Donghae wanted to say, but stopped himself before he made things needlessly more awkward. Instead, he doubled his efforts in all their meetings from then on.

Kyuhyun braved on in his loneliness in what could be called poetic justice, were it not such an atrocious reality. Donghae hated the imposed distance between them. The hallway dividing their homes was an insurmountable chasm. Every cell in his body rebelled against how powerless he felt. It was so hard to simply watch from afar when all he wanted to do was run there and hold him. Support him like he once had. Love him all over again. 

The young man he had loved for the past 8 years was gone. But the man who now stood in his place still held his heart.

And Donghae was determined to make Changsun smile.

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His next movie should be an action one

He is so good! my ovaries exploded with all his action moves! he is so good *ahhhhh*

 Welcome to Super Junior's Strip Show (SS1-SS5).

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God’s Quiz 4 with Donghae 3

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donghae is always donghae

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140412 Black & Red SJM -Swing Mucore

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ABC’s of Cho Kyuhyun 

A is for Aegyo

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溺爱独家禁止二改 禁商用 禁涂抹LOGO 后期: BU

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